FARAD pre-Posidonia Newsletter is out!

FARAD is known as an excellent customer service provider. It is trusted, for its expertise and long-lasting experience in the field of Heat Exchanger’s manufacturing

FARAD S.A is more than a designer and manufacturer of tubular or gasketed Heat Exchangers. Is also capable of doing any other work that your heat exchanger might need. With more than 40 years in the market, we can assist you and deliver back any heat exchanger shortly, economically, and above all, in a like-new condition. 

Either it is for repair, or maintenance purposes, FARAD can offer the best available solution, always tailor made to your specific needs. Every part of your heat exchanger can be repaired or be replaced. (Shell, covers, plates, tubes etc.) 

We are always trying to expand and evolve the level of our services. With this in mind, our newest addition, the Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit, enables us to upgrade the quality of the offered services to our client. Our Ultrasonic machine is especially designed for heavy cleaning and can offer, deep and superior cleaning results. 

Pictures tell more than words, so, below are just some examples of our works 

FARAD samples of work Heat Exchangers

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