Our Products

 FARAD SA Heat Exchangers presents a wide range of products in every tubular & gasketed plate heat exchanger category while offers custom solutions to all sorts of projects


Our cross-sectoral approach

Through our 40 years of experience, we have completed tubular heat exchanger design & manufacturing for 5 different industries, spanning over four decades of professionalism and expertise


We produce a wide variety of heat exchangers that are suitable to almost any vessel. Product approval can be gained from all major classification societies


We produce all TEMA types of Heat Exchangers. We follow the ASME code for pressure vessels and comply with all EU requirements


From large feedwater preheaters to small stream condensers, we design and produce Heat Exhangers for the whole Energy sector

Food & Beverage

We produce high-quality heat exchangers, from stainless steel that are used in the steam system, as well as in food processing, to preserve food quality

HVAC & Ref

We use enhanced surfaces and advanced joining techniques to produce efficient Heat Exchangers, Condersers and Evaporators for the HVAC and Refrigeration sectors


Our award-winning Products

Our Services

Cleaning Services

We offer a wide range of cleaning services by using experienced personnel, special tools and cleaning agents

Reconditioning Repair

We provide preventive maintenance and repair to all our products by analysing design data and operating conditions 

Shipboard Services

Our dedicated team is always available to come on-board ships in order to install and repair our products

Spare Parts

We supply an extensive inventory of high quality spare parts, offering trouble free operation for our products


We use our extensive experience to upgrade current installations, by proposing the most appropriate heat exchanger


We regularly use our in-house testing facilities and cooperate with accredited laboratories for operational tests

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