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The Advantages of FARAD’s MGO Cooling Units
  • MGO Cooler Unit designed and manufactured by FARAD SA Heat Exchangers, for easy and fast installation and long service in heavy marine conditions
  • All−in−One Unit, ready for connection on fuel line, and power supply
  • Minimal footprint due to sophisticated compact design
  • Suitable for new builds as well as existing vessels
  • Capacity control with a temperature step controller for MGO temperature adjustment. MGO temperature control is fully automatically.
  • Simple electric panel design with PLC for easy maintenance
  • Large-size suction accumulator prevents compressor damage from a sudden surge of liquid refrigerant

Under the new global cap, ships will have to use fuel oil on board with a sulphur content of no more than 0.50% m/m, against the current limit of 3.50%, which has been in effect since 1 January 2012. Since 1 January 2015 the sulphur limit for fuel oil used by ships in SOx Emission Control Areas (ECAS) established by IMO has been 0.10% m/m. The sulphur content of any fuel oil used on board ships shall not exceed the following limits:

Sulphur Limit in Marine Fuels

Emission Control Areas (ECAS) IMO Sulphur Cap The interpretation of “fuel oil used on board” includes use in main and auxiliary engines and boilers. Ship’s fuel oil injection system is not designed to use low sulphur fuel oil (low viscosity).Fuel viscosity, combustion quality and lubricity are some of the operational challenges. Fuel oil injection components are going to be affected and deteriorated. Therefore fuel oil systems onboard have to be modified. Because of the lower viscosity of Marine Gas Oil, the lubrication requirements of the engine manufacturer may not be met. In most marine diesel engines, the viscosity of the fuel needs to be at least 2.0 cSt. At normal temperature, the viscosity of MGO varies between 1-2 cSt, which means that sufficient engine lubrication can no longer be guaranteed.The viscosity can be improved with additives, but this is relatively costly. However, there is a much more affordable solution. The solution offered by FARAD is simple compact and reliable. MGO cooling unit is required to installed on the fuel oil service system in order to reduce the temperature of the MGO, therefore to increase viscosity. Our MGO cooling unit, chills even to 15 degrees Celsius, so that the viscosity and lubricity meet the requirements of the engine manufacturers.


FARAD has developed an extended series of MGO Cooling Units which is shown below:

Model Heat duty [kW]* MGO flow (range) [m3/h]
MGO-U35 31 0,5-2,0
MGO-U60 54 2,0-3,5
MGO-U85 77 3,5-5,0
MGO-U115 101 5,0-6,5
MGO-U140 124 6,5-8,0
MGO-U170 147 8,0-9,5
MGO-U190 170 9,5-11,0
MGO-U220 194 11,0-12,5

*MGO Cooling Units inlet temperature 55oC outlet temperature 17oC

Main components of MGO Cooling Units
  • Electric panel with PLC
  • Freon Condenser
  • Freon Evaporator – Chiller
  • Marine Gas Oil cooler
  • Freon motor-compressor
  • Expansion valve, solenoid valve, filter
  • Large size suction accumulator for freon
  • Chilled water Pump
  • Chilled water expansion tank
  • Safety devices
  • 3-way valve
  • Safety valve
  • Automatic filling valve
  • Automatic air vents
  • Insulations

Electric panel with PLC system cotrols the following:

  • Start/stop signals
  • Emergency stop
  • Safety elements (H/L Pressure Switch, Oil Pressure Switch, Compressor Module Protection Unit, Water Pressure Sensor, Flow Switch)
  • Sensors (4 PT100 temperature sensors, water pressure sensor)
  • 3-way valve for MGO temperature regulation
  • Direct starters for compressor and chilled water pump

Screen display features:

  • Unit status
  • Safety elements status
  • Running time of compressor
  • Maintenance schedule according to compressor running time
  • Capacity steps
  • Chilled water temperature inlet/outlet
  • MGO temperature inlet/outlet
  • Fault monitoring with fault messages on the screen
Standard design data:
  • MGO inlet temp.: 55 Deg.C.
  • MGO outlet temp.: 17 Deg.C.
  • Design Pressure (MGO):1.0 Mpa.
  • Cooling System:F.W or S.W.
  • Suitable when M/E and G/E have common F.O service system.
  • “Tailor-made” solution that suits to vessel’s specification.
  • Approved by all leading Classification Societies.
Accessories (optional)

This system provides the following optional features (upon request):

  • ModBus communication in RTU/TCP
  • Possibility of fault logging, making fault tracing easier
  • Remote access to the PLC (VPN line needed)
  • Future remote maintenance (via Soft GOT software)
  • Future possibility to connect to a central SCADA system and monitor the condition of the equipment on all vessels

The design and construction are approved by all leading Classification Societies. Certification must be stated at time of order.


3-4 weeks upon order receipt and drawing approval – confirmation. 


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