Quality Policy

The company was established, with a view towards manufacturing and repairing heat exchangers. It however also remained steadily and persistently focused on the policy of proving high quality services and products.

The company’s objectives in matters of quality are to:

  • Provide services according to customer requirements
  • Maintain and enhance its reputation and its image in the market
  • Operate in a sensible and according to the sector’s practices way, to maintain and improve its potential (production capacity, expertise and manpower).

To better apply its policy in matters regarding quality, the company has already implemented and maintained a complete and documented Quality Management System, which meets the ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 & ISO45001:2018 standards.

The Company is committed to providing all the necessary resources, in order to:

  • Provide services and projects, according to customer’s needs
  • To ensure a healthy and safe working environment for its personnel
  • Prevent environmental waste
  • Maintain and enhance its name and reputation in the market
  • Improve its capacity with regards to expertise and production capacity

In the context of implementing the Quality Management System, the Company:

  • Provides adequate resources for the efficient implementation of the System
  • Constantly monitors the quality of intermediate and final services.
  • Has documented the procedures for the efficient management of customer requirements and the measurement of their satisfaction
  • Has established an internal control system, in order to detect and prevent system deviations
  • Has detected and constantly reviews the effects of the product towards the environment
  • Has identified, improved and continuously reviewed the risks that arise during production procedures, from a safety and health standpoint
  • Continuously improves the capabilities and efficiency of the Management System by taking corrective and preventive actions in problem areas that have been identified
  • Establishes, monitors and reviews, when necessary, the objectives regarding quality, environmental protection and personnel health and safety
  • Complies with the applicable legal provisions related to the object of the Company as well as with any additional legislative regulations chosen by the Company
  • Applies proper working practices against physical, verbal, sexual and psychological bullying and offenses, as well as targeting and harassment of its employees.

All employees:

  • can make suggestions and actively participate in exploring issues for improvement of this policy and related procedures / processes / methods that are followed for its implementation and monitoring
  • Are responsible for the implementation of this policy

Its directorate is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the policy and reviewing it at regular intervals to confirm that it remains relevant and effective.

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