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FARAD Gasketed Heat Exhangers
(Gasketed) Plate Heat Exchangers

Farad gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE’s) are a wide series of heat exchangers which are suitable for all type of industries with multiple applications including heating, cooling, condensation and evaporation. Our design factors allow PHE’s to be flexible ensuring optimal fit, expandable to suit future needs and easily adjustable to capacity changes.

  • Compact design requires less space than shell & tube
  • Large heat exchange surface area
  • Expandable solution as they allow increase of heat transfer simply by adding more plates
  • Controlled temperature even in small differences
  • Avoid cross contamination by special features which guarantee prevention of mixing the two process fluids
  • PHE’s require less volume flow, which means less costs in terms of space, piping and pumps
  • Less fouling due to higher turbulence
  • Easy and effortless maintenance with no extra space required for dismantling
  • Specifically designed efficient fluid distribution with corrugation pattern ensuring the highest overall heat transfer rate
  • Durable gaskets with ergonomic design for easy maintenance.

The PHE’s line of Heat Exchangers by Farad, covers the majority of applications with a significant range of capacities. They are suitable for cooling and heating for a series of industries like marine, industrial, chemical processing, petrochemical, HVAC, power, pharmaceutical or food industry applications and more.


Materials of all PHE’s components are selected to meet the requirements of optimized performance and prolonged lifetime. Stainless steel is used for standard operations, whereas when sea water is involved Titanium is selected for advanced resistance to corrosion.


FARAD products comply with respective directives of Plate Heat Exchangers and are assured by our third – party approved quality system. For marine installations the heat exchanger is approved by your preferred classification society. All major classification society approvals are available. As an original EU-based manufacturer, CE marking is available.

Selection guide

  • Marine
  • Petrochemical/oil mining
  • Power plant central or auxiliary cooling
  • Chemical
  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceutical

Typical applications

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Condensing
  • Evaporating

Exploded view of Plate heat exchanger exampleFARAD Gasketed Heat Exhangers

Design data

Volume Flow

up to 4,500 m3/h

Temperature range (  ̊C )

-29°C up to +200°C

Test Pressure

up to 30bar


up to DN500 Studded, flanges

Plates material

  • Titanium (Ti) and Ti-Pd alloy
  • AISI 304 stainless steel
  • AISI 316L stainless steel
  • AISI 316TI stainless steel
  • AISI 904 stainless steel, SMO 254, Nickel alloys, pure nickel


  • NBR (Nitrile rubber gasket) for Sea Water, Oils
  • EPDM rubber for Fresh Water, Food industry, vegetable oils, ozone, strong and oxidizing chemicals.
  • Chloroprene rubber (Neoprene) for wide temperature range, oil and other petroleum solvents.  
  • FPM/VITON for long lasting,  high Temp, for aggressive chemical compounds
  • Aramid fibre gasket for higher temperatures
  • Compressed Sheet Gaskets as KlingerSil and Reinz


  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel

Maintenance of gasketed PHE’s equipment is considered a key factor for their lifetime. Both proactive and reactive approaches are being held by FARAD’s experienced technical personnel, depending on customer needs. Proactive maintenance utilizes monitoring accessories either standard or optional such as back-flush valves or filters. FARAD’s qualified personnel besides maintenance can additionally advise further for gasketed PHE’s performance and provide strategies for achieving excellent performance through material upgrades, plate pack extensions and more.

Standard (on selected models)
  • Flange Connection Studs
  • Temperature sensor socket
  • Pressure gauge socket
  • Socket for air vents and drain valves
  • Temperature and pressure gauges
  • Air vents and drain valves
  • In line filters
  • Insulation Jackets or shrouds
  • Mounting Feet
  • Stainless Steel Drip Tray
  • Stainless Steel Tie Bolts & Guide Bars
  • Stainless Steel Frames
  • Backflush Valves
  • Spray Screen
  • Protection Filter Ball Valve
  • Food stuff connections

2-4 week upon order receipt and drawing approval – confirmation.

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