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Charge Air Coolers

Charge air coolers for shipboard use, either for the main engine or for the diesel generators, are one of Farad’s main products. Cooling the charged air increases the efficiency of internal combustion engines. The same design is used in natural gas and biogas fueled engines. FARAD heat exchangers charged air coolers are well known throughout the world for their reliability and excellent performance.


Farad maintains a large database of charge air cooler designs that can be installed on almost all marine engines. For new applications, a new design is made based on engine specifications. State of the art heat exchanger software is used to find required heat exchanger dimensions and heat rejection duty.


Special materials and advanced coatings are available for Charge air coolers. All raw materials are sourced from reputable EU based manufacturers and material thickness is higher than that required by the relevant design code. The heat exchanger is designed to have a long service life. Tubes available in copper nickel 90/10 or 70/30. Tube sheets available in carbon steel, naval brass and copper nickel. Fins are made of copper or copper clad with tin of 0.20mm thickness which provides maximum durability and long service life. In case of sea water cooling (Marine type) special coting (elastomeric) is also applied inside water covers.


FARAD designs and manufactures charge air coolers all in-house. Industry leading heat exchanger software is used to find the required heat exchanger dimensions based on customer requirements and specifications. The special and optimized geometry of fins (Air side) minimize fouling and pressure drop while in the same time maximizing the heat transfer process. FARAD charged air coolers are engineered for simple installation and easy maintenance.

Accessories (optional)
  • Temperature and pressure gauges.
  • Air vent and drain valves

Third party approval based on customer requirement. All marine classification society approvals may be given.


Normally 2-3 weeks. Delivery within 72 hours may be possible for urgent cases.


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