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Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are shell and tube heat exchangers that use electric power which is converted to heat. They can be used when there is not any other heating source available for heating lubrication oil or water.

  • Environmentally friendly devices
  • Ideal for Heating Oils (Fuel, Lub.) or Water
  • Easily replaceable Ceramic Heating elements
  • Fuel Savings for Aux. Boilers
  • Emission Reduction from Aux. Boilers
  • Zero Emission in Port (Power Supply by AMP)
  • Low Operation Costs
  • Wide heat duty range.
  • Operational Flexibility & Reliability
FARAD’s Electric Heaters Series

Farad’s Electric Heaters are designed to work with high viscosity crude oils as well as lubrication oils and water when there is no other heating medium available. The EH series heat exchangers are primarily used as initial or extra heating of oil or water in the shipping industry. Their flexible design and wide heat range (from 9 kW to 225kW) makes them well suited for any application where backup or booster heating is required or where electric power is the cheapest or the only available power source.

  • Long life removable ceramic core heating elements are designed for optimum trouble-free service and ease of maintenance. A failed electric element can be replaced without the need to isolate and drain the heater.
  • Low surface load (W/cm2) reduces the risk of damaging highly viscous fluids while improving flow ability of fuel oils. As a result, heating elements are protected from over-heating and failing prematurely.
  • Heavy fuel Oil: 1.5 W/cm2
  • Lubrication Oil: 1.5 W/cm2
  • Fresh Water: 3.0 W/cm2
  • Optional, 3 to 5-steps startup configuration with all controls prewired.
  • Pump Interlock function as a standard.
  • Selector switch for operation based on viscosity signal (4-20mA) prepared by shipyard.
  • All Farad Electric Heaters from EH range are fitted with an adjustable temperature controller (with PT-100 temperature sensor) and an overheating thermostat.
  • Warranty 24 months after delivery.
  • Each unit built by FARAD undergoes hydraulic and electric testing.

FARAD offers a wide range of electric heaters with capacities starting at 9kW to 225kW. The following models are available as standard. Custom designs are also available upon request.

FARAD Heat Exchangers Electric Heaters Capacity


Materials are sourced from reputable EU manufacturers and material thickness is higher than that required by the relevant design code. Stainless and carbon steel are used. Heating elements are made of high quality ceramic material.

Design parameters

Industry leading heat exchanger software is used to find the required heat exchanger dimensions based on customer requirements. Additional standard design parameters are listed below:

  • Design pressure: 16 barg
  • Test pressure: 24 barg
  • Design Temperature: 160 oC
  • Flanges PN16 DIN 86030/EN1092-1
Standard feature/accessories of FARAD’s electric heaters
  • Safety valve
  • Drain valve (AISI-316)
  • Air vent valve (AISI-316)
  • Thermometers (L-form),2pcs
  • PT-100 sensor
  • Safety thermostat (Marine type)

All electric heaters are compliant with European Legislation covering CE markings/PED approval and can be certified by various classification societies (ABS, BV, DNV-GL, LR) upon request.


Delivery within 2-4 weeks from order receipt. Some models may be available for immediate delivery (in- stock).


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