Corporate Social Responsibility
& Environmental Management

FARAD recognizes that business activity impacts the social environment from different kind of aspects such as economic, employment, environmental and societal. For this reason FARAD is actively and consistently working within the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, developing actions and presenting social work for both employees and society.

Within this context, FARAD strongly supports health and safety conditions of employees and contributes to the development of working relationships that promote mutual trust and two-way communication. With the aim of supporting and developing human resources, employee benefits are supported and further enhanced under this context. Among other things, actions are being implemented, intended for the “wellbeing” of the FARAD people.

Along with the integrity of its products and services, the company recognizes today’s environmental challenge as of highest importance and hence promotes a high sense of environmental responsibility.

In view of the above, FARAD is solidly committed to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility and chooses to be a supporter of the corresponding ethics and values ​​ in order to actively contribute to addressing environmental and social issues.     

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