As part of the HEMEXPO sustainability spotlight series for association members, we speak to Kostas Fanouriadis, Managing Director, FARAD S.A Heat Exchangers about how the company is supporting the shipping industry’s green transition.

Please can you share what your company is doing to support shipping’s green transition?

At FARAD, we don’t just manufacture heat exchangers, we contribute across all industries to optimize heat management, minimize energy consumption and reduce harmful emissions, working towards more efficient, greener operations and a more sustainable Earth.

How do these solutions help to improve a ship’s sustainability credentials?

Our industry-leading technology is helping shipowners to navigate towards decarbonization by optimizing heat transfer, reducing fuel consumption and slashing emissions,

Put another way, our high-performance heat exchangers – and specifically electric heaters – are designed to optimize efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. This translates into lower emissions of harmful pollutants like greenhouse gases, minimizing environmental impact.

Are you involved in any partnerships or research projects that are focused on decarbonization?

We are embracing Alternative Fuel research projects: Hydrogen & Ammonia

We are actively involved in research projects for heat exchangers use in combination with hydrogen – a clean-burning alternative fuel with immense potential. In addition, we’re exploring solutions to work with ammonia, as another promising green refrigerant, to ensure our technology stays ahead of the curve.

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